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AzETA 10th International ELT Conference English beyond the Classroom Walls 22-23 June 2013

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Teaching English

February 2016

Teacher's Day 2016

Celebrating The World Teachers' Day in 2016

October 5 is World Teachers' Day.

AzETA members took part in celebrations with students involved into greetings by writing essays on the role educators play in shaping individuals' personalities and careers.

Observable with diverse activities, this holiday is a fair opportunity to narrow the gap in understanding between teachers and students, as well as a day to appreciate tutors work.

Traditionally, Teachers' Day celebrations took place in classrooms: students decorated rooms and arranged picnics for their mentors, engaging them into informal chatting. Some organized outdoor games for teachers, such as football, cricket, or basketball.

AzETA hold the Scrabble competition for English teachers, with 374 participants from different schools and extra month of leave allowance for the winner. Some students surprised us this day, being dressed like their favorite teachers and singing songs they wrote themselves.

"A teacher is a person who never says anything once." — Howard Nemerov

Numerous celebration activities on this year Teachers' Day included but were not limited to:

  • Speeches and presentations from students on appreciating their mentors' work.
  • Some students acted as if they were teachers, while educators pretended to be pupils who came to learn English.
  • AzETA educators took part in the essay writing contest, where they were asked to describe their ideal student in funny manner.
  • Retired members of AzETA were invited to celebrate this day and share enjoyment with colleagues and former students.
  • The Best Teacher Award was sponsored by media houses with a chance for the winner to visit the International Teachers Conference in Baku next year.
Ragsana Mammadova who is the AzETA founder delivered a congratulatory speech and launched a string of initiatives on working closely with the Ministry of Education and improving the work of the Branches. She made it clear that all branches of AzETA were headed in the right direction, giving priority to the latest education technologies in classrooms, as well as students needs for up-to-date techniques and approaches to learning English.

"A true teacher defends his students against his own personal influences." — Amos Bronson Alcott

Here at AzETA, every educator agrees that professional teachers are not those believing they know everything but those ready to learn day by day. Good teachers are those understanding that perfect knowledge of the subject isn't enough to become a student's friend and make them trust and rely on you.

The Teachers' Day 2016 in AzETA has become a testament to the fact its members deal successfully with the task and can be proud of their alumni achievements in learning English.

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